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Amber 2023-10-12
 lte m2

With the rapid development of the world IoT market, the scale of in-vehicle lte m2Internet, as one of the core application markets of IoT, is expanding. Not only the traditional automotive companies' power car network, but also many telecom operators and communication equipment manufacturers are actively laying out the automotive network in order to seize the industry's high ground in the future.

Car networking technology market economy continues to develop and heat up and the prospect is very broad, the consumer demand for intelligent system interconnection of cars is increasing day by day, is the key driver of the connected network car business market. According to the Foresight Industry Research Institute published the "Car networking services industry competition market foresight and investment company strategic management planning issues analysis research report" statistics, China's car networking financial market transaction scale in 2016 reached $ 7.67 billion, 2017 car networking products market operating scale of about $ 11.44 billion. According to the relevant situation survey method, China's Telematics application market construction scale is expected to reach US$216.2 billion in 2025, accounting for 1/4 of the global capital market, and the 5-year average compound growth rate will reach 44.92%. At the same time, the share of connected cars is rising rapidly, in 2020, the share of connected cars reached 98%, in 2025, the new sale of vehicles by fully stepping into this era of vehicle networking.

Vehicle Internet can realize the integrated services of intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information services and intelligent vehicle control. Among them, the application of cellular wireless communication module is in a very important position, is the link connecting the sensing end of the device and the information service center, the vehicle application environment is complex. The reliability, stability, high and low temperature requirements of the product are high. In order to adapt to the requirements of vehicle high-speed and low latency scenarios, the wireless communication module used for vehicle-to-vehicle networking is usually a 4G module.

The role of wireless module in car-to-car networking

Wireless communication module is a module that integrates mobile wireless communication engineering technology, which is placed inside the IoT terminal equipment company through the enterprise standardized interface, so that the terminal equipment is connected to the mobile Internet communication network to realize the economic data transmission, processing and other functions, which is the "connection layer" in the four major levels of the IoT architecture from the bottom up. One of the important content carriers and key equipment factors. Vehicle communication is the application of advanced mobile communication expertise in vehicles, through vehicle-vehicle, vehicle-road communication will be traffic participants, transportation tools and their work environmental protection organic combination, to achieve urban transportation with a high degree of attention to information, intelligence, security means. With the help of mobile communication science and technology can effectively improve the solution to the driver and passenger to provide safety, carbon emission standards and financial asset quality management personnel inefficiency.

The wireless module is built into the vehicle communication terminal and loaded into the vehicle in the form of different terminals such as center console, driving recorder and intelligent rear view mirror. The vehicle system is integrated with positioning products to obtain information about the current accident location for the first time when an unexpected situation is encountered. The system also supports intelligent positioning navigation, driving records, vehicle surrounding environment monitoring, road condition inquiry, in-vehicle entertainment, etc. It can provide high-speed transmission function, high-quality voice service, SMS/MMS service, high-precision positioning service to meet the application needs of car navigation, anti-theft, emergency rescue, cluster scheduling, fleet management, etc.

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