Self-driven, self-encouraging, self-operating, self-evolving modern operation mode

Caroline 2023-03-11

Self-driven, self-encouraging, self-operating, self-evolving modern operation mode

[Philosophy + Abacus] of self-management is:

① facilitate his business philosophy, philosophy as the basic, operating principles, principles as a guide 2 build the market segmentation and customer business model;

③ build the organizational cell payment gateways for woocommercesystem of empowerment type operation.

④Based on the annual plan, we will carry out the election of leaders and complete the "quantification and empowerment" until the smallest organizational cell;

⑤ Introduce internal socialization system and build a fair, just and open jockey system;

(6) Identifying the smallest profitable company and developing an independent legal entity of the organizational cell by means of "operational accounting" and "value-added accounting".

(7) Organizational and individual performance management from an operational perspective, with profitability as the core objective;

(8) Objective evaluation of employees' dedication and ability with quantitative data;

⑨ Build a dual system of autonomous operational human resource system and complete pre-processing of business, accounting and personnel data;

⑩According to the "concept" and "abacus" grasp to complete the "self-management, ecosystem theory, self-driven, self-encouragement, self-operation, self-evolution" of the modern operating model.

This type of "annual management plan" as the basic, the application of "operation accounting" and quantitative landing tools to complete "quantitative empowerment", knowledge management to complete empowerment, according to the daily order-based According to the daily order-based accounting value-added, monthly organizational performance management, analysis, review and employee performance assessment, to capture the goals, objectives and results of enterprise operation, each employee is his own boss, to achieve the active participation of all employees in enterprise operation, to complete the "employee self-restraint" and "self-driven cycle of improvement "The system operation mode is called the most humane, scientific and efficient operation mode. It is also the best operation model to meet the personalized needs of everyone today, which can completely complete "full operation, create workers, release the boss, and truly achieve the realm of inaction".

The masterpiece of "Eastern wisdom" and "Western management"

In the past 40 years of China's reform and opening up, Western management science has been introduced, as well as various operational management concepts such as Japanese lean management. The essence of Western management cnc machining rapid prototypingconcepts is the application of operational management tools and systems, which are mainly used to monitor and control the process of personnel and the results of operations, and to deal with personnel problems according to the system.

Undeniably, this type of approach has contributed to the development of China's economy in the 1990s. However, with the improvement of the economic level, the quality of labor and personalized needs, its shortcomings have long been self-evident, such as the introduction of the BSC, KPI, assessment and incentive system, etc. to apply little effect, or even play a negative role.

The Japanese operation management concept, which has strong roots in Chinese culture, was not well understood in the previous decades, limited to 5S, JIT, TPM, TQM and other production systems, and these Japanese lean management concepts, the results of our absorption and application are not significant. What is the reason for this? The answer lies in the fact that first of all, people only pay attention to its appearance, but do not understand the philosophical theory and principles of operation behind it. The second reason is that we are in a hurry and want to eat all the fat in one bite.

The difference is that Japan has already formed its own unique "Analects" + Abacus mode of operation based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of Western management science. This approach essentially discards the innovative management system created by the West based on human "selfishness".

Western management is a product of the industrial age, with a lot of emphasis on people as "tools" to carry the weight of the steps, the methodology of the system, based on this management system and to a certain extent hinder the creativity of people, workers become slaves to the standardization of systems and processes, and lose their unique creativity.

The system began to rot the moment it was introduced", only the concept can really give workers enough space to play their creativity,s19 pro 110t and sometimes it is even necessary to go against the common sense system.

Since there is no perfect system, the system is a management method and tool, not an operational purpose. Strangely enough, the more "sound" the system, the lower the profits and the less dynamic the organization. The emphasis on system implementation inevitably leads to bureaucratic capitalist rigidity. Standardized management is just a way, but to a certain extent it deviates from the root of operation, especially in today's information society, where the innovation ability of all employees is more important.

That is why Eiichi Shibusawa saw the shortcomings of primary capitalism in the late 19th century. He felt that business should finally be dedicated to society and used to the best of its ability, and therefore advocated the idea of giving a soul to the "abacus", i.e., incorporating the traditional Chinese wisdom of the Analects. Since then, Japan has organically combined the traditional wisdom of the East with the management of the West, and today it has achieved a high degree of integration, resulting in 100 years of prosperity in Japan.

In the 21st century, people's individuality is becoming more and more open, taking the concept and the principle of operation as the premise, giving full play to the individuality and creativity of all personnel under the commonality of the company culture, the independent management method of [concept + abacus] is bound to become the way to operate Chinese enterprises in the future.

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