Kids buy a lot of clothes, but do you really know how to choose the right clothes for your child?

SAMANTHA 2022-07-12
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In general, children's clothing should begin to take into account theChildrens Sweaters child's talents. The comfort of the clothing is a very important factor in the process of playing, and should be characterized by loose and natural casual clothing. Children's bodies are developing, wearing sophisticated, stylish, loose casual clothing, the usual games, activities, are very convenient; not only conducive to the development of the body, but also to give a gentle loving, comfortable, casual feeling.

A. About the style

Neckline: square collar, round collar, small pointed collar is more suitable for summer children's clothing. In winter, the best collar for children's clothing is retractable, or with a button, easy to put on and take off.

Clothes and skirts: choose a wide waist type of clothes and skirts, in order to put the children's quite belly, no waist shape for whitewash, and can develop a loose, cool effect. (Note: Many times the father does not have the mother's own preference for children to wear even socks pants, this increase in pants if the time is too short, will affect the education of children appear lower limbs of the movement, obscure the development of children.)

Tops: When choosing student tops, the sleeves should not time too long, the sleeves are too long, the child's arms for movement is not convenient, not as they do some precision initiatives, cut the time of our finger games movement, the development of the brain system of the child is not conducive.

Buttons: it is best to open the front, buttons do not have more, for the child to put on and take off the clothes.

Pants: different styles at different stages

Baby's different stages of growth and development, the need for pants have different requirements, in order to protect the skin and health of the baby, according to the different stages of education of students can choose through different styles.

Babies should not wear long pants at birth, it is best to wrap the baby with cotton.

After the baby is full moon, you should choose simple, loose crotch pants that do not hinder the baby's leg movement.

Baby is 3-12 months old. At this time the baby likes to move around, it is appropriate to choose one-piece pants, which are convenient to move around and can protect the skin well.

More than 12 months, this issue when the baby will generally walk on their own, this work time can choose a comfortable loungewear more research suitable.

Female babies do not wear crotch pants

To the baby wear crotch pants are generally for the convenience of toilet considerations, so as not to urinate pants, but for baby girls it is best not to wear crotch pants.

Honey often sit on the floor and crawl. This is not hygienic. Baby girls are susceptible to bacterial infections.

Crotch pants before and after ventilation, hips and tummy easy to catch cold, especially female babies are very easy to get sick.

Open crotch pants are too concentrated exposure, the baby can easily do a toy design above, easy to make sharp objects appear to sting the bare skin, female babies for genitalia exposed is easy to be scratched.

Male babies do not wear zipper pants

Remember the news some time ago, a boy because of pants zipper stuck genitals, surgery time. Baby boys wear zipper pants will increase the risk of genital injuries, children imitate very strong, small children are easy to imitate adults themselves zipper, in the process of zipper is easy to pinch the genitals, embedded in the zipper, so that the baby is very painful, and may even cause serious consequences.

Tight fit is not desirable

Many mothers choose delicately shaped pants for their baby to make her look good or to match her shirt. This is not a good idea. Pants that are too tight can interfere with the baby's blood flow and hinder leg development, while pants that are too tight can bind the genitals and accelerate the friction of the pants on the genitals, which can easily cause damage to the genitals.

The crotch of the pants should not be too short

Babies should choose pants with a high waist and a crotch that is too short. When the baby walks around, the pants will rub the genitals, easily rubbing and infecting the genitals. And the baby will feel uncomfortable and will keep touching the genitals, which will not only make the baby inattentive, but also develop the indecent habit of touching the genitals.

Second, about the color

The color of children's clothing should be gorgeous and beautiful. If you can decorate some cute little animal patterns or other brightly colored decorative patterns on children's clothing, it will arouse the interest of children to wear. Bring great joy to the children.

Babies have an important original sensitivity and common hobby in terms of color, so that the Chinese baby to carry out the purchase of their own clothing, but also we have to do the following children's shape and skin color to make a judgment, if a darker skin tone, should be preferred to high ultra, high purity products clothing, color rich and bright eye-catching, energy. If they are brighter skin color some problems, then the color of the era of compliance limitations on the wider, such as wearing pink, yellow, red, people will look more vivid, bright, even wearing gray, black, people will also look Juan, elegant, bring a "thick makeup always appropriate" feeling.

In attention to the color and the child's skin color should also pay attention to the child's body type and the child's clothes color matching, if the baby is relatively fat, to choose cold or dark clothes, for example: gray, black, blue, because cold, dark colors may rise shortening effect, so that can make up for the child's physical defects; if the baby is relatively weak, then we can give her a choice of some warm clothes, green , beige, coffee, etc., these colors are spread outward, giving a strong sense of buzz.

Of course, there is no fixed pattern of color matching for children's clothing. Too much stylization can look dull and lifeless, but too much variation can easily look messy. A single-minded theme is a good-looking and nice color scheme, so that people look comfortable.

Third, about comfort

All kinds of logos on children's clothing

a. Whether the product has a trademark and Chinese factory name and address.

B. Whether the product is marked clothing model

The product does not have the composition mark, mainly refers to the clothing fabric, lining composition mark, the percentage of various fiber content should be clear and accurate. Clothing with padding should also indicate the composition and content of the padding. Products on the cleaning mark graphic symbols and instructions, as well as a survey of the method of cleaning and protection requirements. Products with or without product certification, product implementation specification number, product quality level and other markings.

Such as product labeling formaldehyde content, 0-24 months baby clothes should u003C 20mg u002Fkg, more than 24 months children's clothing in contact with the skin should be ≤ 75mg u002Fkg, non-intact skin should be ≤ 300mg u002Fkg.

Identification of children's clothing appearance quality

a, children's clothing appearance of the primary target parts for the presence of distinctive weaving defects.

B, the main sewing parts of children's clothing without color difference, fabric "slip", fabric "row of silk" and so on.

c, pay attention to the texture of children's clothing through all kinds of different accessories, decorations, such as zipper company can be slippery, buttons can be sturdy, four buckles can be carried out whether the elasticity is suitable.

d, there are bonded lining appearance part, such as collar, flat head, package cover, placket, there is no deglossing, blistering or seepage glue, etc..

Safety construction is the primary issue to consider. within 1 year old according to the child's clothes, it is best not to nail metal buckles, so as not to scratch their children's skin when wearing and taking off.

Pay attention to the comfort, safety and health of children's clothing.

When choosing children's clothing, attention should be paid to the fiber characteristics of the fabric, generally choose natural fibers such as cotton, silk and other fabrics with softness, breathability and moisture absorption, especially summer clothing and intimate apparel, children will feel comfortable when wearing, likewise, if the softness of clothing fabrics, breathability and moisture absorption performance is poor, children wearing, the surface temperature and sweat is not easy to release, will feel hot and humid, easy to breed bacteria. Not conducive to children's health.

If you choose children's clothing, when the fabric is marked with the name of polyester, nylon or coated, composite and other chemical fiber, be loose. Due to the main characteristics of the above fabrics, their softness, breathability, moisture absorption are poor, especially coated or composite fabrics, the performance is even worse. So children's clothing made of such fabrics should be loose, so as to maintain the space between the skin and the fabric, and to allow air circulation.

When selecting children for clothing, attention should be paid to the color of its fabric. If the garment is used to treat children wearing underwear business close to the body or through the summer time, you should try to buy light-colored clothing. If we buy dark-colored clothing, once the fabric's color fastness is poor (such as friction color fastness, sweat color fastness, sunlight color fastness can not reach the relevant indicators of the national standard management regulations, it will be easy to cause fading, color loss, staining), children in the process of wearing development, are in direct contact with the skin social friction, sweat, sunlight and cause fading, there may be students to child patients skin more health problems Produce some adverse effects, if you can buy and sell is the jacket clothing, then the child learning to produce very adverse mental health factors to much smaller.

Choose children's winter wear warm clothing, namely filled with a variety of warm materials, such as hollow cotton, polyester cotton, wool, silk, down, etc.. Consumers should pay attention to the specific name and content of the product to understand the consumption, such as the name and content of the product ambiguous or no logo, should pay attention to, shall not be easily chosen. And do not want to buy cheap, once the filler for a variety of poor quality fibers, does not meet the standard requirements of the apparently non-compliant clothing, will bring serious health and safety of children.

Fourth, the quality of sewing to identify

1 children's clothing appearance of the first part of the fabric defects are obvious

With or without color difference

The texture of various accessories and decorations on children's clothing

There is a bonded lining of the appearance of different parts of the scene of whether there is through the debonding, blistering or seepage of glue, etc.

Visual inspection of the main parts of children's clothing stitching line is straight, whether the stitching is flat

Check whether the symmetry of each part of the children's clothing is consistent

V. Cultivation of rational consumerism

Coddling, blind comparison

Now some children's esteem for brands is really incredible. Upstairs, a child less than five years old saw his mother's new clothes and asked curiously: Mom, what brand is this? The child's mother said it was all from kindergarten. At present, the little ones have learned to compare: what do you look like in Winnie the Pooh? I even wore Mickey today! What brand of socks are they? Where are the shoes? When you are young talk about brands as if you were in school, but decided not to wear clothes without a brand!

Brand view

Brand for children's clothing is good, since no need to say; mom and dad dote on their children, it can be needless to say. But such a variety, should not become their own children can not blindly consume climbing reason. In this problem children are beginning to focus on the "brand", in the year of wearing looking for pride, parents for the impact of consumer outlook, is the beginning of the enterprise "traceability". The packaging development child, as if it is packaging design myself, the child wears a good, I also face. Due to this, often seen in the mall, many students parents as well as easily hundreds of dollars to provide children with the purchase of product brands, there are economic and social prerequisites is of course also unjustifiable, just childish, can not afford this kind of research material pursuit of a long time immersion, perhaps, to the child as a more rational view of consumption, is the real class in China.

Sixth, note

When choosing shopping places and brands, attention should be paid to.

Reputable, after-sales service standard large and medium-sized stores.

Do not be confused by "discount", "prize sales" and other advertising and publicity. It is advisable to buy moderately priced children's clothing products, too cheap is often easy to be deceived.

Choose local or foreign children's clothing brands with a certain degree of popularity, the quality is easy to guarantee.

Keep the shopping invoice, and see if the content on the shopping invoice is consistent with the real thing, so that after wearing the arising as well as a variety of information quality management problems, you can trace the service quality and safety responsibility.

Selection of children's clothing, if you can basically meet the above four points of attention, I believe that you can buy more fit, comfortable and satisfactory clothing that meets the quality standards and requirements.