The change of payment method proves that life is getting better and better

Gladys 2023-03-09

The change of payment method proves that life is getting better and better

Every morning at five or six o'clock, it will drive to the farm tricycle to the melon field into the melon, and then come to the city to choose a relatively large flow of people in front of the community to set up their own melon best payment gatewaystall, began to la a day of business. Soon, the first customer came to the door, "the boss, to a large watermelon, and then pick me a few big and sweet cantaloupe, how much? Where to scan the code ah?"

A few years ago, in order to make a living, the 50-year-old and lovers to do the business of selling melons, in the city's three districts in some of the high traffic in front of the district sold watermelon and cantaloupe, "Today, take cash to buy melons less people, most customers are scanning code payment." While talking, while picking melons, the work in hand has not stopped. She said, now, come here to buy melon not to say half of the people, but also a third are using WeChat or Alipay payment. "This if a year ago, you do not take cash to buy melon, I will not sell. Nowadays, everyone goes out with a cell phone, you are not compatible with the code payment, others turn their heads and go away. Then again, sweep code charges do not consume anything, as long as you print a receipt of the two-dimensional code on the line, quite good, but also no need to find change, save things!" Said.

Said, Yang Yang hand smartphone rapid 3d prototypingsaid, now, not to mention selling melon, is she went to the countryside into the melon with the melon farmer to clear the cash, both sides are mutual WeChat plus friends, in the melon field to choose a good melon, weigh, count the money, WeChat sent a red envelope, the money immediately to each other's accounts, convenient and fast. "The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. When the checkout, then the hand into the pocket to remove the pin, pull out a pile of money, one by one to count, for fear of miscalculation to give more out. Talking about the past way of payment is very touching, it really opens the door of convenience and eloquence.

"To say a word not afraid of your ridicule, in the earlier, the planned economy era, what what are supplied with tickets at that time, dining to meal card, buy oil to oil tickets, clothing to cloth tickets, these documents are commodities, and even spend money are not necessarily exchanged. I remember that my family's first permanent bicycle was bought by my brother after months of searching for acquaintances and relationships in foreign countries. This is not the case, to the 1990s, all kinds of tickets are not used, my family still pressed a few hundred pounds of food stamps it. After that, clean up the house to find out, to each of the three children more than 20 sheets, to keep as a souvenir! Like today, cell phone payments have long been around people's food, clothing, housing and transportation. Whether it is a supermarket, or a roadside stall, selling what, although different types, but one thing is the same, the store in a conspicuous position are posted to the QR code, applicable Alipay and QR code payment. It is evident that cell phone payment has long been rooted in it. When shopping, ask a 'can you scan the code', have become the verbal language of the current customers."

"Take yourself, now I go out without cash, but make sure to hold the phone in your hand. What items to buy, just use the phone to scan the code to pay." The first few days, she went out to buy tomatoes, a pocket without money, is to use the WeChat payment. "For example, nowadays, if I spend 1000 yuan, not to say half of it, at least a quarter is WeChat payment, you say the change is not big?"

"Small purchases are paid by cell phone code, and large amounts are spent by credit card." The company said that nowadays, when the containerfamily is free to travel, whether to buy tickets, shopping, since the WeChat payment and credit card spending, there is no habit of carrying a lot of cash. Bring two bank cards, take a couple of thousand cash on the line. "Wherever you go, swipe credit card convenient and safe, but also able to points exchange for gifts things."

Sigh, from the old days of the "bill stage" to today's "code era", changes in payment methods not only promote economic and social development, improve living standards, but also change the people's way of life. I believe that, with the continuous development of social and economic development, the future of shopping and payment methods will certainly have a new transformation.

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