Organization of CNC machining process design

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CNC machining technology is an application technology that has been developed and gradually improved with the emergence of CNC machine tools. The research object is the integrated technology related to the whole process of CNC processing of CNC equipment. The most direct object of study is closely related to the CNC equipment CNC device, control system, CNC program and compilation method. CNC machining technology from traditional processing technology, is the organic combination of traditional processing technologyonline credit card processing, computer numerical control technology, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology. A typical feature of CNC machining technology is the complete integration of ordinary processing technology into CNC machining technology. CNC machining process is the basis of CNC programming. High-quality CNC machining program from the careful technical feasibility analysis, overall process planning and CNC machining process design.

Programmer received an important part or product of their own CNC programming teaching tasks, the main work environment includes enterprises according to different parts or products of the design and construction drawings and related information technology management file data for the control of CNC machining production process has a feasibility study analysis, determine the students to complete the parts of CNC machining processing method; choose the type and specifications of CNC machine tools; determine the processing coordinate system, the Select fixtures and their auxiliary learning tools, select tools and tool clamping system, planning CNC machining solutions and process routes, divide the machining center area, design CNC machining process content, write CNC programs, CNC program debugging and the actual need for processing verification, and finally all the CNC process documentation requirements for continuous improvement, solidification and archiving and other aspects. CNC programming we can be more simply understood as from the design of the part drawing, until the CNC machining program preparation is completed the entire social process.

CNC machining technology is the core of CNC programming, only the CNC machining technology reasonably and scientifically into the CNC programming, the programmer can prepare a high quality, high level of CNC program. CNC programming is also the process of CNC technology gradually improved.

General processing technology is the basis of CNC machining technology and technical assurance. As the CNC processing using the computer for automatic control of the processing process, CNC machining technology has the following characteristics.

1. CNC machining process is far more complex than ordinary machining process.

CNC technology processing production process to consider the craftiness of the enterprise processing parts, processing parts positioning reference and clamping method, but also through the selection of tools, the development of relevant process development route, cutting research methods and process design parameters, etc., and these in the conventional process can be simplified data processing. Therefore, the CNC machining manufacturing process is much more complex than the ordinary machining process, affecting the social factors are also more, thus it is necessary to the entire process of CNC programming management of students comprehensive ability analysis, reasonable scientific arrangements, and then according to the overall continuous improvement. The same CNC machining work task, there can be multiple CNC process optimization program, both can choose to process parts as the main line of instruction to arrange the process, but also directly choose to process the tool as the main line to arrange the process. The diversity of CNC machining process is a Chinese characteristic of CNC machining processprototype manufacturing, is a significant difference with the traditional cultural processing process.

2. Strict organization of CNC machining process design

Due to the high degree of automation of CNC machining, the self-adaptive ability of CNC machining is relatively poor. In addition, the influence of CNC machining is more complex, need to carefully consider the entire process of CNC machining, CNC machining process design must be well organized, that is, the process design of CNC machining process must be carefully and rigorously, can not make mistakes.

3. Good inheritance of CNC machining technology.

Where after debugging, calibration and test cutting process for verification, and in the CNC machining enterprise practice proved to be good CNC machining production process, can be used as a template for subsequent processing of similar parts call, so that students can not only save time, and they can get to ensure the quality of teaching. As the template itself in the call is also required to a country constantly improve the process of modification and perfection, can at the same time achieve the effect of gradual standardization and serialization. Therefore, the CNC process research has a very good inheritance.

4. Must verify the CNC machining process to guide production

Due to the high degree of automation of CNC machining, safety and quality are crucial. CNC machining processes must be validated before they can be used to guide production. In ordinary machining, the process documents are prepared by craftsmen and can go directly down to the production line to guide production, which generally does not require the complex process described above.

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