There's a difference between a visa application for a Hong Kong and Macau permit

Angle 2022-06-18


To travel, do you grasp what the working visa hong kong difference is between a passport and a visa? The difference between a visa and a passport is actually reflected in the difference in the relationship between the two, a passport and a visa is a book h. A visa application is attached to this book h. So, what is the difference between a Hong Kong and Macau Permit, a passport and a visa? Here's what you need to know

Passports and visas are the equivalent cnc milling prototype of ID documents, and visa applications are the equivalent of a travel card. The difference between a visa and a passport reflects the difference in the definition, role and application process of the two.
Passports and visas are defined differently

1. Passports and visas are best cloud mining valid identity documents issued by a country to confirm the nationality and dominant status of Chinese citizens when they travel or work at our borders and abroad.
2, visa application is a country's administrative unit in China or overseas Chinese citizens have a passport and visa or other holiday travel valid identity documents on the visa processing, stamp, to indicate that it is allowed to enter and exit in China's borderline or according to the borderline processing process, but also can be called to grant him a visa processing type of confirmation. To put it in perspective, a visa application is a text document issued by a country's entry/exit visa authority (such as an immigration office or its dispatching embassy or consulate) to Chinese citizens of other countries stating that they are allowed to enter the border.
Passports and visas do not serve the same purpose
1. Passports and visas are essential for people to apply for in order to express the territorial integrity of the country or government agency to which they are granted. Passports and visas relate to the right to request the allocation of another person outside the country and to the allocation of a particular nationality, and usually contain the holder's photograph, signature, date of birth, nationality and other confirmation of their own.
2. A visa application is a precautionary measure taken by a sovereign state to maintain its territorial integrity, self-respect, security and profitability in the country. The visa application is an important method for a sovereign state to implement a programme to manage access to our borderline.
Passports and visas cost differently
1、The first time you receive a passport cost $200, a replacement passport and visa $400 / copy; add, delay 20 yuan / item times, "Passport Law" after the implementation has been withdrawn on the passport extension, passport expiry try to apply again.
2, the cost of the visa application fee according to different in our country, the cost varies, make sure a few hundred to a thousand different.