Small module with big value, gathering fragmented demand, 5G ecological bridge

Cindy 2023-03-16

Small module with big value, gathering fragmented demand, 5G ecological bridge

As an intermediate business link between upstream chip and downstream terminal and industry development application research field, module is the key link of 5G commercialization, promoting innovation of economic industry technology application and enabling interconnection of all things.

The module industry has a great contribution to both 5G and IoT applications, lte m2 and its value is very high. The module is a good bridge to the 5G ecosystem; second, it can better assemble the decentralized needs of the Internet of Things, and then provide services."

In terms of connectivity, chip makers are indeed very advanced in chip development and next-generation technology tracking in the 5G and IoT industry.

But the chip industry and 5G and the Internet of Things terminal applications are too far away, the terminal and application layer is often more focused on the terminal and application layer design, such as the terminal is more focused on and better at designing products that can communicate with the 5G chip.

"Secondly, from the industry development customer information demand analysis, because 5G and the Internet of Things system application market demand is very diverse and fragmented, chip vendors are very difficult to carry out services, different terminals have some different application research needs, including the module band various aspects of capacity needs.

There is a gap in between, how to cross it by grafting such a bridge? This requires a module manufacturer to do, and this is the important role of the bridge of the module.

The module is not only to integrate the chip to learn to draw a board out and sell it to the terminal equipment manufacturers, but also to embed many module industries in the module.

We have a clearer understanding of how to design and develop modules that can meet the very demanding needs of industry customers in terms of hardware, quality and safety stability.

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