What is the standard of BLE Bluetooth function module required by Unicom?

Angelia 2022-05-20

What is the standard of BLE Bluetooth function module required by Unicom?

Low power consumption: The wireless module needs to be powered up to use, BLE Bluetooth module supports 1.8~3.6V power supply.

When the communication module works, the power consumption of the product will increase. In order to optimize the power consumption of smart products/devices, it is necessary to choose Bluetooth modules with low power consumption.

BLE Bluetooth module itself is a low-power wireless module for IoT. The reason why low-power Bluetooth is very energy efficient is that it has ultra-low peak standard and basically does not need to consume power in idle mode.

With the arrival of Bluetooth 5.0 standard, its power consumption is lower than Bluetooth 4.2, see the SKB501 parameter of skylab BLE5.0 module.

High transfer rates: 5.0 Bluetooth modules can achieve speeds of up to 3mbps (currently 1.5 mbps), making it easier to use Bluetooth devices with faster response and higher performance.

Fast data transmission can be used for applications such as firmware upgrades or data log synchronization for wearable devices, thus greatly reducing the response time for device connectivity, improving product performance and better user experience.

Long transmission distance: In previous IoT wireless transmission applications, engineers would recommend using WiFi modules if the transmission distance is slightly longer.

However, after the 5.0 Bluetooth module came out, the situation has been greatly improved and the new Bluetooth 5.0 brings the advantages of higher speed and longer transmission distance.

Theoretically, the effective distance is greater than 300m, so mobile devices throughout the home or office can be connected stably.