Vacuum pump charging casting, a new era of casting

Aimee 2023-03-16

Vacuum pump charging casting, a new era of casting

Vacuum pump charging casting is a special kind of casting classified as casting. According to the molten state or semi-molten state of the metal poured into the pressure chamber of the aluminum die-casting machine, under the effect of high voltage, the metal liquid runs at high speed to vacuum casting fill in the concave mold of the die casting, and under high pressure to make the molten or semi-molten metal cooling condensation molding and obtain the economic benefits of casting parts, high efficiency of high precision casting method.

In contrast to conventional type casting, the same location is

It is all based on pouring molten or semi-molten metal into the mold, and subsequently obtaining the required parts based on the cooling and condensation of the cooled metal.

Areas that are different from conventional type casting are.

1. die-casting process after pouring, the metal liquid into the mold shell before, first into the pressure chamber, followed by filling pressure to introduce the mold shell. That prompted the aluminum die-casting add filling rate to be much larger than the general action casting.

2. In the stamping link, there will be the whole process of increasing pressure and test pressure, according to the pressure applied, so that the high density performance of the internal structure of the metal after condensation is stronger than the traditional type of casting parts.

Product characteristics.

Key spare parts are selected from SMC, Boshi, Delisi and other first-line brands, to ensure the precision of machinery and equipment, reduce the equipment failure rate.

Design products effectively, especially configured to adjust the steel cup fixed bracket, reduce the operation process.

Commodity selection touch screen plc, equipped with Chinese and English can change page, easy to use. The vacuum pump, working pressure, etc. are adjustable in time, and the main parameters can be adjusted according to the casting parts.

With 1000 groups of work in the program process, to reach the processing plant different equipment production manufacturing must.

The design scheme of plumbing protection is chosen to reduce common failures.

The machine and equipment specifications are ergonomic, and the actual operation is easy and fast.

Steel cups with or without flanges can be applied, reducing the cost of changing application fees.

Optional German mechanical pump and water cooling system are available.

The product is verified according to EU CE.

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