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Online payment is really not so terrible. If middle-aged and elderly people want to keep up with the times, they must first lear

Alice 2023-03-28

Online payment is really not so terrible. If middle-aged and elderly people want to keep up with the times, they must first lear

Now smart phones have entered thousands payment gateway hong kong of households, among which the payment function of mobile phones has the greatest impact on people. Although this function is very common, many middle-aged and elderly people are used to cash payment and think that only in this way can it be practical. What's more, it's alarmist. When I heard that some online payments were cheated of a large amount of money, I stayed away from mobile payment. These are actually some one-sided views. On the one hand, the state is combating such fraud; On the other hand, with the upgrading of technology, mobile payment is becoming more and more secure. Today, we will talk about the benefits of online payment:

First, there are discounts for online payment

The development of online payment has the advantage that Chinese RMB has become irreplaceable. For example, we can pay a few points, and the use of cash can be accurate to one decimal place at most. If enterprises and businesses enter five, it is a consumer who suffers; You can also scan your code to get coupons. After discount, you can buy the same thing at a lower price. Some companies can also learn to enjoy tax concessions every day in the payment management method, and even affect others to scan your code. You can also get money equal to the preferential amount. Especially for major festivals in some countries, such as double 11, the preferential policies of code scanning payment are stronger.

Second, online payment is more convenient

Deposit the money into a bank card and bind it to Alipay, wechat and other payment software. After that, whether you buy food or a house, you can pay with your mobile phone. If you want to deposit the money on the payment software into a bank card, you only need a simple mobile phone operation. Cash payment often needs to bring enough RMB. If there is no or not enough, the transaction cannot be completed; The visit is also troublesome. You must go to the designated bank. During the business peak, you need to queue up for a long time, which is a waste of time.

Third, online payment is safer

The vast majority of people who steal money because of online payment don't know the risk or want to be cheap. After opening the mobile payment function, first of all, we should firmly believe that we should not disclose our private information to anyone, including verification code and bank card number; Secondly, don't scan QR code at will. Don't click on strange links easily. Finally, if the merchant sweeps the line and deducts the fee, you must protect your QR code and open it again when scanning the payment, because once the information is leaked, people can spend your money and so on. As long as we can protect our privacy when using mobile phones for payment, the security of payment will be higher than that of cash, because cash has the risk of losing and receiving counterfeit money, and after the risk occurs, there is almost no trace of where the money goes, which is almost self deception.

Fourth, online shopping can be a choice of goods

Nowadays, online shopping has become one of the main ways of shopping. There are many kinds of goods on the Internet. You can buy goods all over the country and even all over the world without leaving home. Some focus on cost performance, some pursue style and quality, but you can only choose online payment if you want to buy. In reality, although you can pay with cash or mobile phone, the goods may not be your favorite style.

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