The 8 major functions of the payment gateway and how the specific process is implemented

Rose 2023-03-16

The 8 major functions of the payment gateway and how the specific process is implemented

Decrypt the data packets from the Internet and repackage the data according to the internal communication technology protocol of the banking system company;

Receive the response messages from the internal banking system, global payments credit card processing convert the data into the data format transmitted by the Internet, and encrypt them.

In other words, the payment gateway mainly performs communication, protocol conversion and data encryption and decryption functions to protect the bank's internal network. The electronic payment gateway implements the following functions.

(1) Configure and install Internet payment capabilities;

(2) Avoid modifying the existing host system;

(3) The system uses a user graphical interface (gui) for management

(4) Apply debit card, e-check, e-cash, micro-electronic payment and other electronic payment methods;

(5) provide a complete merchant payment processing system functions, including authorization, data capture and settlement and reconciliation, etc;

(6) Monitor online activities by reporting and tracking transactions on the Internet;

(7) Adopt RSA public key encryption and SET protocol to ensure the security of network transactions;

(8) Aligning the online payment process with the business model of existing payment processors, ensuring consistency in merchant information management, and providing opportunities for payment processors to enter online transaction processing.

Workflow of the payment gateway

The business customer places an order with the marketer, starting with a "user order", which should include a series of questions about the product, such as product name, quantity, etc.

2. The seller receives the "customer order" and asks the supplier to inquire about the product according to the request of the "customer order", sending an "order inquiry".

3. After receiving and reviewing the "order information inquiry", the supplier will give the seller an answer to the "order inquiry". Basically, there is no impact on the goods and other circumstances.

4. The seller sends a "Transport Information Inquiry" to the transporter regarding the development of cargo transportation after confirming that the transporter is able to meet the requirements of our commercial bank customers for "user order processing".

5. After the transmission provider receives the "transmission inquiry", it returns the answer to the transmission inquiry to the seller. For example: the ability to complete the transport, as well as the date, route, road and other requirements of the transport!

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