UnionPay payment security experts remind: three security awareness is indispensable

Cassandra 2023-03-16

China unionpay credit card

May 15th is the Publicity Day for Fighting and China unionpay credit card Preventing Corporate Economic and Environmental Crimes. In order to help consumers in my country's financial market prevent various illegal transactions, experts in China UnionPay payment system security management can issue payment security tips based on relevant typical national cases: Active identification and prevention All kinds of financial risks, consciously resist illegal business activities such as gambling, cultivate students' self-discipline and healthy trading habits, and protect the safety of personal property.

Data shows that in 2019, UnionPay cooperated with public security organs at all levels to investigate more than 19,000 cases, about 440,000 bank cards, and more than 2,001 billion yuan in illegal funds—the overall bank card fraud rate was the lowest in the world; in 2019, Consumers encounter telecommunication network fraud with accurate characteristics, and various fraud routines and technologies are complex and changeable.

To raise security awareness, China UnionPay security experts recommend taking the following precautions:

The first is to realize the three "must" to prevent new telecommunication cybercrime. "You must manage your own bank card", do not lend or rent personal bank cards, and do not participate in bank card account transactions; "must protect sensitive personal information", do not click on links in text messages, do not log in to unknown websites, and do not send text messages to others Authentication code; "Apps must be downloaded from official channels"; Do not download illegal app trading platforms; Download apps from official app stores.

Second, resolutely resist gambling and other illegal platform activities. The essence of gambling is a scam, and the outcome of gambling is artificially controlled by gambling gangs. In order to realize illegal fund transfer, gambling gangs have also built some illegal online platforms to lure users to participate in illegal fund transfer activities. Therefore, users should resolutely stay away from gambling activities and consciously abide by national laws and regulations.

The third is to identify routines to prevent financial fraud. In daily life, common fraud routines include: high-yield wealth management, accounting fraud through "consumption rebates", investing in the equity of overseas companies of enterprises, etc. as gimmicks; online platform lending, by using the Internet to provide false publicity advertisements, agency agents, etc. Stealing information from individual investors; pretending to be fictitious, mainly studying fraudulent behaviors such as impersonating acquaintances, public prosecutors, etc., to deceive victims to transfer and remit money; online shopping transactions, mainly including social network fraud, online security payment fraud and other fraudulent behaviors.

China UnionPay stated that, as a clearing institution, it has been committed to protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers and the security of funds, always strictly abiding by various regulations, urging online member institutions to abide by the development, and prohibiting member institutions from providing payment services for any illegal transactions.



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Pay using the UnionPay QR Code. In the Chinese Mainland, more than 25 million businesses accept UnionPay QR Code payments. Widely supported include the UnionPay App and foreign digital wallets that adhere to UnionPay requirements (such as BOC Pay from Hong Kong, BC from South Korea, and NETS from Singapore).

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