For businesses, the impact of the entire channel

Jenny 2022-03-08

For businesses, the impact of the entire channel

Enterprises need to establish an organizational structure, establish an omni-channel structure, and the organizational structure needs the support of corresponding talents;

Improve the new skills of enterprise employees;

Added a promotion development channel and promotion space for enterprise management employees.

For consumers, the impact of the entire channel

Shopping more convenient

In order to meet the procurement needs anytime,online omnichannel payment, anywhere and in any way, it can cover the entire physical channels, e-commerce channels and mobile e-commerce channels, covering more consumer groups. Convenient for shopping, consultation and service.

Traditional physical retail reflects the idea of ​​selling goods and selling goods to consumers through a series of methods such as on-site display. Now brick-and-mortar retail companies have also undergone a huge transformation. While paying attention to consumer experience, they should pay more attention to the promotion of consumer experience.

The omni-channel consumption experience first reflects that online payment will be more convenient, from traditional payment to mobile payment; secondly, payment methods make shopping more convenient.

Improve consumer experience

Omni-channel retailing is an advanced stage in the evolution of retail channels from single-channel, multi-channel, and cross-channel. Under the consumer-centric concept, the implementation of omni-channel retailing can bring higher experience value to consumers.

Traditional O2O is inseparable from service, and omni-channel is also inseparable from service. Taking Tmall Electric as an example, the current omni-channel service of Tmall Electric includes two aspects: one is that people pay offline and buy online; the other is that people shop online. If you don't know anything about the product, you can experience it on the nearest physical network.

fit new consumer behaviors

The essence of omni-channel retailing is to meet consumers' needs for omni-channel shopping. With the rapid development of Internet technology, especially mobile Internet technology, the fragmentation of consumer shopping time, place and demand, as well as the fragmentation of personalized demand, traditional retail channels have been unable to meet new consumer demands.