Payment gateway, what is payment gateway, third-party payment method

Brianna 2022-03-03

online payment platforms

According to the different payment gateway payment gateway international construction entities, online payment modes are divided into

1. Bank payment gateway mode

Refers to the business model in which customers or merchants transmit payment instructions to the bank's back-end business processing system through the bank's payment gateway to complete the payment.

2. Online Banking Mode

It is the main economic business management mode for commercial banks to complete online payment

3. Co-construction of payment gateway mode

Established by merchant collection banks or collection banks (joint issuers, such as issuing banks)

The payment process of this mode is complicated

The customer selects the product on the merchant's website and fills in the order

The client encrypts the order and sends it to the merchant server.

After the merchant receives the order, it sends the order management information to the online bank

After verifying the merchant's identity, online banking provides a payment interface to the customer's browser

After checking the payment information on the online banking interface, the customer enters the payment card number and password for payment

The bank verifies the validity of the user's payment card through the background processing system, transfers the payment from the customer's account to the merchant's account, and returns the payment success information to the customer and the merchant's website

The merchant website sends a message to the customer that the pound payment was successful and organizes the shipment.

Bank payment gateway and online banking payment development mode management system composition

System organization: customer, bank website, e-banking center, business data center, bank counter, certification center

Bank website: the customer interacts with the online banking system, handles related business windows, and is responsible for connecting the client to the online banking center

Internet Banking Center: located in the bank, including transaction server, security authentication system

The transaction server acts as a payment gateway.

Business progress data management center: used to save the account information of all enterprise users

Bank counters can authorize online business transactions

4. Third-party payment mode

A third-party payment institution can build it by itself or by entrusting an IT institution

Third-party payment is an independent institution with certain strength and credit guarantee. It provides the interface of bank payment settlement system for the online payment mode of transaction support platform by signing contracts with major banks.

Third-party payment is a brand-new payment model, which is a third-party service organization between customers and merchants. It is independent of financial institutions, customers and businesses. It mainly provides e-commerce basic support and application support services to merchants engaged in e-commerce through computer technology and network communication technology. Its purpose is to constrain the transaction behavior of buyers and sellers, provide guarantees for the credit of buyers and sellers, so as to resolve the uncertainty of online transaction risks, increase the possibility of online transactions, and ensure the flow of funds and logistics in transactions. On the other hand, it can also provide technical support and other value-added services for merchants to conduct B2B and B2C transactions.