Choose a baby high chair 4 points of safety considerations, do not careless

Ingrid 2022-03-01

Choose a baby high chair 4 points of safety considerations, do not careless

When the baby is 6 months old, the need to add supplementary food, when the baby eats supplementary food, we usually buy a Best Baby High Chair for the baby, the baby's high chair in front of a baffle around. There are also footrests and feeding trays.

When using a high chair, falls are the most serious injuries, in order to prevent the baby from falling from the high chair, the purchase and use must pay attention to the following points:

1. When choosing a high chair, choose one that is not too high, the base is relatively wide high chair. If someone accidentally touches the chair, it will not flip over. The above picture of the high chair is more appropriate!

2, try to avoid businesses choose folding high chair, if we have some baby mother, baby father consider storage is relatively simple and convenient to choose a folding high chair, then in each student use must ensure that all the company's locking device work is a stable.

3. When the baby is sitting in a high chair, be sure to tie the seat belt on the shoulders, waist and hips.

4. When the baby is sitting in the high chair, to stay away from dangerous objects, do not let the baby sit in the high chair alone to play.

Safety management guidelines regarding use are as follows.

Do not leave the child unattended in the infant seat.

Do not use the family seat instead of the baby's car seat, it is only used to support the baby, let the baby look around and eat. 3.

3. When using a car seat, be sure to fasten the seat belt.

4. Try to choose a baby seat with an outer frame to ensure that the child will not fall, and to ensure that the base of the seat is very wide, so that it will not turn over.

5, as far as possible to avoid companies choose a baby seat bottom is slippery material. If we have been through the purchase of a safe work seat is slippery material technology can cut two thin pieces of rubber glued to the bottom, so that when the baby seat is placed in a smooth place, will not occur slippery