Do you know the meaning and characteristics of online payment?

Demi 2022-02-28

Do you know the meaning and characteristics of online payment?

I. Significance and characteristics of online payment

Online collection is the capital transfer link in global payment gateways the business process. Consumers do not need to go out, write checks or post stamps. Instead, they use the computer through the Internet to replace the traditional recipient with electronic data loaded on specific information to transfer funds, and realize electronic payment including payment and fund transfer. Services such as transfers and notifications, as well as payment methods with instant payment capabilities. Compared with traditional payment methods, online payment has the following characteristics:

1. Online payment adopts advanced technology and realizes information transmission through digital transmission. All payment methods are digitally paid. The traditional payment method is to complete the payment through physical entities such as the circulation of paper cash, the transfer of paper bills, and bank remittance, and most of them require face-to-face processing.

2. Online collection has the advantages of convenience, speed, efficiency and economy. As long as you have a computer that can access the Internet, you can realize the entire payment and settlement process in a short time without leaving home. Payments are only a tenth or even a percent of traditional support.

3. Online collection of objects is portable and low-cost. The cost of transporting intangible currency in the United States is as high as $6 billion each year, and currency settlement and transportation costs between the world's banking systems account for 5% of its total management costs. However, the use of online payment means that the cost of establishing and maintaining electronic information systems is very low. The application cost of the Internet is very low, and the access is very simple. Both small and large companies can benefit from it.

4. Online payment can improve the level of corporate capital management in e-commerce. The online payment method can not only be used for online advertising, but also can be very convenient to use the collected customer information to establish a relevant decision support system.

At present, there are mainly two basic modes of online payment. One is the payment service handled by the bank, namely online banking; the other is the payment service handled by the third-party payment platform. Judging from the current situation, the development rate of the latter is much faster than that of the former, because the third-party payment platform based on small payment has made up for the shortcomings of the traditional online business of several large banks, avoiding the payment process brought by inter-bank. – Regional. The cumbersome, dexterous and quick collection features meet the needs of e-commerce for capital transactions. Because of this, more and more consumers around the world are keen to make online payments through the Internet, and online payments are becoming more and more popular.