What is the concept of gateway payment, agency payment, withholding, agreement payment, account payment and express payment?

STEPHANIE 2022-02-28


Recently, I have been learning about the ability to pay for enterprise-related things. I feel stupid and unclear about the various payment development methods of students. I have collected information on the Internet from various sources.subscription payment gateway, Now we will integrate it according to our own understanding.

1. Gateway payment

Gateway payment is the channel connecting the bank's internal system to the internet. The data of the bank's internal system needs to interact with the system on the internet network. In order to ensure the security of the data, a security barrier needs to be established between the bank's internal network and the internet network.

2. pay on behalf of others

pay on behalf of a third party

3. Withholding

Withholding is to authorize a third-party payment institution to perform a deduction service. After the user manages authorization, the third-party financial institution will automatically deduct the user's bank card amount from the authorized bank card according to the four-factor market information of different users.

4. Agreement payment

Agreement payment and withholding are both withholding, but the difference is that the user needs to bind the quaternary information of the bank card, and receive the verification code from the bank to complete the binding, instead of signing a withholding agreement. Only the bank card bound by the user, the third-party payment institution has the right to deduct the user's bank card amount from the authorized bank card

5. Account payment

Account payment, similar to Alipay's concept of balance payment, is to use account balance for payment

6. Fast payment

Quick payment means that users do not need to open online banking when making payment, but can directly input bank card number, account name, mobile phone number and other information, and collect verification codes for verification. The third-party payment can send the mobile dynamic password to the user's mobile phone number, and the user can input the correct mobile dynamic password to complete the payment.