If you want to understand biodegradability, take a look at this

Irene 2021-12-06

If you want to understand biodegradability, take a look at this

Biodegradable materials will replace traditional Chinese plastics and can become the main biodegradable utensils material for enterprises' disposable products

The production, sales and use of certain plastic products are prohibited and restricted in some areas of China. It is expected that by the end of 2022, all biodegradable alternative materials will be widely used. Encourage green production and consumption, and promote healthy and civilized life and production methods. More and more companies need to adjust product structure, accelerate research and development of environmental protection technologies, and improve the overall profit margin of the plastics industry. Among them, the use of biodegradable materials and certification has become a link that requires great attention.

Biodegradable materials are generally biodegradable, in which microorganisms convert organic materials into simple compounds (such as carbon dioxide, methane, water, etc.), mineralized inorganic salts, and biomass. Biodegradation can degrade a variety of complex synthetic organic compounds and help the ecosystem maintain a virtuous cycle.

(The final research results of compost degradation are carbon dioxide, water and humus, which are used as nutrients in the cultural soil environment)

And not all Chinese artificial intelligence synthetic materials can pass the study of biodegradable standards. Generally, biodegradable plastics must not contain PE, PP, PS, PVC, EVA, PET and other ingredients. There are a wide variety of product structure materials that are required to affect enterprise management. Once the company's production and operation process makes mistakes in the selection of materials, it may not be able to pass the system test certification. The main materials and selection, verification and testing of products urgently need the support and guarantee of authoritative certification service agencies.

Green certification, escort the biodegradable material market

When learning about biodegradation certification, Bian Xiao visited many testing institutions across the country and summed up a sentence: "Professional testing institutions can save you from detours", because China’s biodegradation certification is still in its infancy, and companies understand There are few channels.

At present, the market-oriented development of biodegradable plastics is facing many challenges. In addition to its production cost which is 2 to 3 times that of the original packaging design materials, biodegradable plastics can be used as a new cultural industry, and there is no unified product quality evaluation enterprise standard management. system. All kinds of financial products on the market are mixed, unfair market economy competition and the risk of bad money driving out good money will be the main functional obstacles to the market reform process of biodegradable plastics.