8 mother and baby childcare knowledge! How many words do babies "GET"?

Vivian 2021-12-06

8 mother and baby childcare knowledge! How many words do babies "GET"?

Maternal and child health knowledge.

From the birth of the child, the mother began to master a variety of childcare knowledge, feeding, bathing, dressing, changing diapers ...... these knowledge if in the past to listen to the elderly more, now some technology is more developed, a variety of childcare APP have introduced this knowledge, gradually feel like they are already a full-fledged mother.

Now is the autumn and winter season, the climate is suitable, is a good Parenting Station opportunity for baby weaning, however, baby mothers can not ignore the baby's physical condition!

1. within four months, exclusive breast milk can not add juice.

Breastfeeding is the best love for the child, basically within 4 months only breast milk can improve the baby's resistance.

Some baby mothers believe that breast milk does not fully meet the nutrition needed for the growth of the baby, while another part believes that breast milk can fully meet the needs of the baby.

2, childcare knowledge can enhance resistance.

Infants' immunity is improved without getting sick, and immunity should be strengthened every day.

You can get more sunshine, do not be afraid of the child tanning, but also do not be afraid of strong sunlight, the morning sunshine is sufficient, it is best to get enough sunshine, so it is recommended that you get more sunshine.

3. Supplement probiotics to improve immunity.

The gastrointestinal system of newborns is not perfect, growth requires more nutrients, heavy digestive responsibility, and poor gastrointestinal tract function, so it is easy to lead to diarrhea . Constipation. Indigestion. Digestive disorders such as nutrient non-absorption, infant eczema and other allergic diseases can also be easily caused, so it is very important to improve infant intestinal health.

When the fetus is in the mother's womb, the intestinal tract is almost sterile, and after birth the infant's age increases with days. Months of age increases, the exposure to the external environment during breastfeeding, the intestinal flora gradually established.

4. indiscriminate patting of the child's chest may lead to sudden death.

Many new mothers often pat the baby's chest, at this time to pay attention to, which can easily cause sudden death of the baby.

5. Do not put salt within October.

As some foods may affect the taste of breast milk after eating, children often refuse to eat milk.

In fact, this practice is incorrect, the baby is born 10 months after the diet does not need to add salt, if you add salt, you must remember to give the baby more water.

6, the baby's father's emotional management.

Breastfeeding mothers speak, rest is extremely easy to affect the milk secretion, but also very easy for the mother to feed this thing to produce rejection.

In addition, the baby's emotions are easily infected by the father, therefore, it is recommended that new fathers pay more attention to control their emotions Oh.

7. abused children have low IQ.

For a long time, it is believed that stick education is the most barbaric education, for children, except for the parents to take the piss, there is no benefit at all.

For children who make mistakes, moms and dads need to be more patient in explaining and channeling their children in a way that is acceptable to young children, and the best result is communication.

Losing control over a child means you haven't grown up, and this is the other side of him.

Sleeping with the lights on reduces intelligence.

To solve this problem, some parents let their children sleep with the lights on all night long in order for them to sleep well.

But you are harming them, so baby mothers should pay attention, it is best to turn off the lights when the child sleeps.

The knowledge of nursery science is something that a baby mama must learn when taking care of her child, and it is the wish of every baby mama, but for the healthy growth of her child, she must strengthen her discernment, and not every piece of nursery experience is scientific.