My usual care is wrong !? Let's check "Causes of dull skin"

Ingrid 2020-10-30

My usual care is wrong !? Let's check "Causes of dull skin"

Wrong care causes dull skin !?

I'm worried about dull skin and I'm taking care of it, but it doesn't improve. If you have such a problem, the skin care method may be wrong. Let's take this opportunity to check if there are any mistakes in the care method that you usually unconsciously!

Isn't this kind of care done?

When I wash my face, I wash it hard with "Goshigoshi"

Because I want to remove the dullness, it is NG to wash it with a lot of effort. It can damage your skin and cause it to lose moisture, causing dryness and dullness. When you wash your face, gently slide a generous amount of lather on it.

It's hard to make plenty of bubbles ... I don't have time! For those who say, using a lathering net or choosing a facial cleanser that comes out with lather will save time and is convenient ◎

If you use cleansing that does not remove too much oil ◎

Oil cleansing can remove dirt quickly, but it also has a strong detergency and can remove excess oil. To prevent dull skin, it is recommended to gently cleanse with a cream type or milk type that does not dry the skin.

There is unwashed point makeup

If you drop the point makeup roughly because it is troublesome, it will cause dullness to accumulate. In particular, eye makeup is a part that often uses dark colors such as mascara and eyeliner, so if it is not removed properly, makeup will accumulate and cause dullness. Use a special remover to gently and carefully remove it.

Insufficient UV care

When exposed to UV light, the skin creates melanin and tries to protect it. If you go out and get sunburned without sufficient UV care, a large amount of melanin will not be discharged, causing your skin to look dull.

Even if you go out for a while, try to use cosmetics and sunscreen that have a UV-blocking effect to prevent dullness from melanin pigmentation.

The downy hair treatment is not done correctly

By treating the downy hair on the face, you can expect the effect of improving your skin by one tone, so I think many people are incorporating it into self-care. However, it is NG to blindly sledge. When shaving your face, it is important to warm your skin by taking a bath to soften it.

Keep in mind that if you leave it dry, your razor will hurt your skin. Also, don't forget to moisturize with a mild lotion or milky lotion after treatment.

Frequent peeling

Care for the stratum corneum is important, but if it is done too often, it can damage the skin and cause the stratum corneum to thicken and dull. The ideal is about once or twice a week. As with facial downy hair treatment, moisturize your face with a mild lotion or emulsion after care.

"Mina Peeling Gel" that can also whiten

It is gentle on the skin and leads to smooth egg skin. After picking up an appropriate amount, gently massage in a circular motion. A soft gel lifts dead skin cells and dirt. With water-soluble placenta and glycyrrhizic acid 2K, you can expect moisturizing and whitening effects.

I have dry skin due to the influence of the air conditioner

Dry skin is not transparent and tends to look dull. Staying in an air-conditioned, dry room can also cause dull skin.

Keep the room humidity with a humidifier, and in skin care, take measures against dryness such as allowing the lotion to penetrate firmly and covering it properly with a milky lotion, and sometimes incorporating special care such as a pack.

Poor blood circulation

If the blood circulation is poor, the complexion will also deteriorate, and the skin will become dull at once. It is important not to accumulate fatigue and stress, such as lightly massaging when applying lotion or gently lymphatic massage with oil after taking a bath.

Cold is also a great enemy because the necessary nutrition is lost due to the stagnation of blood flow. Let's try to build a body that does not get cold.

Review skin care for dull skin ♪

Careful daily care will lead to shining skin from the inside. It is important to pay attention not only to skin care methods but also to lifestyle-related habits such as poor blood circulation and coldness. Let's continue steadily and aim for dull, transparent skin.