'Skin Aging' on patrol! The cause and care method of the hand of the devil which is infested "Wrinkles of 20's"

Carol 2021-12-07

'Skin Aging' on patrol! The cause and care method of the hand of the devil which is infested "Wrinkles of 20's"

Do you know that skin aging starts in your twenties? This time, I summarized "wrinkles in 20's". We will introduce the cause, type, and place where wrinkles can be done and care. There are many places that are often overlooked in everyday life, so please look at this and try to care for wrinkles!

Wrinkles are just around the corner...

To be honest, wrinkles have been indifferent until now, but I wonder when I should take care of them.

What a whisper there you whispered.

Maybe it's time to wrinkle?

This time, I summarized "wrinkles in 20's".

STEP1: What causes wrinkles?

First of all, let's solve from the cause of wrinkles.

One of the reasons for wrinkles is "dryness and reduced elasticity due to aging."

It is true that the dryness is terrible every year, and the skin environment also changes.

And "UV damage" is also one of the causes.

Ultraviolet rays have an effect on the skin in addition to wrinkles such as spots, so I would like to take measures with sunscreen.

Don't let your guard down just because you're still in your twenties.

A. The cause of wrinkles varies. Here are five main wrinkles.

Decreased skin elasticity due to aging

Dryness due to aging (decrease in the moisture retention of the skin)

Drying due to a decrease in temperature and humidity

Reduced elasticity caused by damage to the dermis and epidermis caused by ultraviolet rays

Decrease in the number of female hormones due to aging

In this way, wrinkles are engraved on the skin due to changes in the epidermis and dermis due to dryness, ultraviolet rays, and aging.

Types of wrinkles

There are several kinds of wrinkles.

These include "epidermal wrinkles" of shallow and fine wrinkles that come from dryness, "dermal wrinkles" that come from skin damage of aging and ultraviolet rays, and "facial expression wrinkles" caused by changes in facial expressions.

It seems that facial expression wrinkles often become wrinkles because the habit of facial expressions settles.

Causes of wrinkles and three types

(1) "Epidermal wrinkles" caused by dryness and NG skincare

(2) "Dermal wrinkles" caused by aging and ultraviolet rays

(3) "Facial expression wrinkles" caused by the habit of facial expressions

STEP2: Wrinkles that begin to appear in their 20s

Around the eyes

Wrinkles around my eyes start to appear in my twenties.

Looking at the smartphone for a long time, those who work to use a personal computer is likely to have accumulated fatigue, it is also that the blood circulation around the eyes is deteriorated.

If the circulation is poor, it seems to cause dryness and wrinkles.

When fatigue accumulates in the eyes, blood circulation around the eyes, such as under the eyelids and eyes, deteriorates.

When poor circulation occurs, it is difficult to reach the nutrients and moisture necessary for the skin, and it may cause dryness and wrinkles.

In addition, when you are using a smartphone or a personal computer, it tends to be expressionless.

Do you have a lot of expressionless time and your facial muscle strength is not decreasing?

If the muscle strength of the face is reduced, wrinkles may become easier.

In the case of work, it may not be helped, but it may be a good idea to try to be aware of facial muscles on a daily basis.

A. If your cheeks don't move much, and if you like the outdoors, be careful!

"People with poor facial muscle strength, people with sensitive or dry skin, and people with a strong weight gain or decrease tend to have wrinkles," Mizui says.

"People who are often exposed to ultraviolet rays are also prone to wrinkles."

Horei Line

It is also true of the expressionless, but I will look at the smartphone while just whispering with a straight face.

However, when you look at the smartphone, the center of gravity of the downward direction is applied, and it seems that there is a thing that causes the broom line when sagging progresses.

From the usual, try to be conscious of raising the corners of the mouth a little!

Sleeping phase and cheek cane, too much to look at the smartphone also the cause of the line

"Sleeping sideways, cheek, or putting on a cane can cause a line. In the ViVi generation, it takes downward gravity by looking at the smartphone for a long time, and there is a possibility that sagging progresses."

Forehead wrinkles

The last is this wrinkle.

This wrinkle can often be done by the decrease of firmness due to aging, but because it is also a part where large muscles are gathered, it may become wrinkled due to the habit of facial expressions.

Therefore, it is important to be conscious of an early time.

Since wrinkles will settle by moving the forehead and eyebrows, let's take care from now on, such as massage!

STEP3: What are the countermeasures and care methods?

As a countermeasure, it is to be conscious of the time of the smartphone and the personal computer in order to avoid eye strain.

In addition, please be careful not to sag the expression when using the smartphone.

Finding the habit of your facia