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Are there any security risks for smartphones?

SHARON 2020-06-18

Are there any security risks for smartphones?

Every smartphone user may become a potential security risk for the company. As long as this user pays attention, everything is only half. But what does this particularly mean for small companies where medium-sized companies usually do not have professional IT consulting? In order to make the work of cybercriminals as difficult as possible, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology launched a project called "Company Electronic Competitiveness Network". It provides local contacts to provide information about efficient, practical and affordable information and communication technologies. Since the HR4YOU software can also be used on mobile devices, we hope to pass the following security information to you.

Install apps only from secure sources

Although Apple’s iOS only allows apps to be installed from other sources after jailbreaking, and therefore only affects a few users, Android users can install apps from other sources without major intervention in the system.

Risk: Spyware, viruses and keyloggers are part of the application

Configuration and guidelines

Security settings (such as VPNs or certificates used for email communication with company servers) should be set by IT experts. In addition, when using equipment in a private environment, use guidelines should be defined to control app risk assessment

Use strong passwords

Basically, the higher the secret of the password and the longer the number sequence, the more difficult it is to crack. The combination of numbers, letters, special characters and numbers is the best choice, but it is difficult to remember. It is easier to use a biometric password (fingerprint) and a security password that uses a master password.

When not in use

For WLAN and Bluetooth, disabling the interface is a practical transmission path, but it is problematic in terms of its vulnerability. Although an unencrypted WLAN connection through a hotspot will undoubtedly lead to a man-in-the-middle attack, Bluetooth can always scan the device for vulnerabilities and be attacked when the device is always visible.wifi security

Use operating system encryption

Strong passwords can already significantly increase protection, but if the device is stolen, another interesting way is to trigger memory, including manual reading of information, and past password protection. On the other hand, if encryption is active, this attack also generates unreadable data junk.