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Zoey 2020-06-05

Good morning! Now I'm in the headquater of MarieClaire Korea. Today I will be trying korean makeup artist, hair stylist, andphotographer because I'm shooting for Marie Claire Taiwan. What's special is that I came to Korea with them as a representative ofTaiwanese KOL for local beauty forum .The forum ended yesterday and the schedule for this morning is takingpictures for the magazine. Look! Now I'm in their gallery. Their gallery is extremely beautiful. It's almost a studio that can be used to film video. I will introduce the environment here later. Now I'm going to do mymakeup!!!I just put my foundation and now we're using concealer Lightening up the area, making me look more energetic. The concealer is from Giorgio Armani.

The one behind me is drying my hair. The makeup artist said that she mixed two color depth of concealer tocover my dark circles. And used normal concealer to cover other parts. Sometimes she uses darker concealer around my nose as shadow. Take notes!!!I think the concealer is pretty moisturizing. After wearing it all day, it didn't go dry yesterday. Many concealers dry up after wearing. Maybe I should buy one after going back to Taiwan lol. Now she's toning the concealer. My concealer palette. Drawing eye brows now. She uses Shu Uemura Sword Eye Brow Pencil. Our first cut is going for a more natural look .So she's drawing an eye brow look that has stronger hair flow. They are doing every step very carefully. There are many repeating steps to make the look look good. We are doing makeup and hair at the same time. Now she's giving me a natural curl. I loved it after finishing the lookyesterday. Just like the heroines from K-dramas Easy though it seems, it takes lots of time. Just like nude makeup, it takes lots of effort to look like no makeup.

Vitae 健面緊膚

Vitae 心形輪廓

Now she's making the end of hair fluffier andadding some curls using curling iron. Instead of only using eye brow pencil, they also added some eye browpowder at the end. Making them look sharperEye brows done!!!They used lighter to burn the eye lash curler before curling. I asked why, she said that this can disinfect it, and the temperature tokeep the curl longer and better. Maybe I should take note! Look! Ahhh...missed it. Give it a little burn. She used normal curler then used a smaller curler to curl every singleeye lash. Now she's doing the eyeliner. She's using M.A.C.She used L'oreal yesterday , but it smudged on me. So we're giving another brand a try today.Drawing the end of my eyeShe tells me to look to the front. Eye liner done. Now it's time for false lashes. She doesn't put the whole lashes at once, she "plants" littletufts of lashes one by one. Now she's using the eyelashes carefully. These are the eye lashes of today. It's going for a more natural look. She used the lighter to burn the middle bamboo part of the cotton bud. She grabbed some hair at the surface to strengthen the hair flow.

Since my hair is too thin, she's curling my hairto give me some thickness at the top of my head.(The light is too strong, he's making some adjustments)Just came back to hotel. We took two styles, and this is the second style. Cuz it was a bit busy and my camera went out of battery, so I didn'trecord the process of the second style. The experience this time is quite special. We picked the pictures we prefer right after taking photos. After discussing with the photographer and the team, we picked twopictures that we like to put on the magazine. Please wait for the reveal in August!!!!You can go get one if you are interested in it:)))OK, that's it. Hope you like the video. I'm going to have my lunch, bye!

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