Top ten brands of user experience five-star satisfaction water purifiers

SERENA 2021-12-06

Now consumers, no matter whether they are shopping or eating and drinking, are no longer interested in the price level as before, and the water purifier industry is no different. Although the price is still a powerful weapon for merchants to compete, such customers will not last long. Current consumers tend to pay attention to quality, service and experience satisfaction. These are precisely the cornerstones of a company's long-term development. In the face of tens of thousands of water purifier brands on the market, which water purifier brands are the brands that have received five-star praise from consumers?

Angel Water Purifier

Reason for being on the list: Angel has been engaged in the R & D and production of water purification equipment for more than a decade. Its innovative spirit is worthy of learning by many peers, from large sewage treatment equipment, to drinking fountains, to the transformation of water purifiers At the most appropriate moment. Angel brand water purifiers have taken a very balanced path from quality to sales. The time and energy invested in these two parts are relatively equal. In just a few years, the force has risen to a level that many peers cannot match.

Top ten brands of user experience five-star satisfaction water purifiers

Langmu Water Forest Water Purifier

Reason for listing: As an honorary brand "Water of Forest Water Purifier" under the Langmu Group, Zhangzhou Langmu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D, production and sales of water appliances and water treatment. With its leading international technical level and perfect quality Management system, high-quality after-sales service. Invested heavily in the introduction of advanced production and testing equipment such as water dispensers, water purification equipment production lines and computer detection systems from Japan. The company has launched a full range of water purifier product lines, including reverse osmosis RO machines, ultrafiltration machines, pipeline machines, direct Drinking machines, commercial water purification equipment, etc. The products cover the needs of household and commercial engineering water treatment equipment. The annual production capacity is 3.5 million units, which is a common choice for 80 million families worldwide! It is a black horse in the sales of water purifiers.

Qinyuan Water Purifier

Reason for listing: Qinyuan water purifier is a Chinese brand, which belongs to an earlier brand in China. In 2008, it was selected as the only sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo in the water purification industry. Unilever acquired a 55% stake. Qinyuan Water Purifier's successful internet market strategy in the early years has gradually increased its brand influence in China. The sales volume achieved in recent years is enough to make it rank among the top ten water purifiers in the world.

Midea Water Purifier

Reasons for listing: Midea is a giant home appliance listed company and has the most powerful resource integration and channel advantages in China. Although Midea only began to participate in the water purifier industry in 2010, although the products are mainly found by some strong manufacturers , But its brand influence is already popular, so the brand effect has brought a huge market.

Haier Water Purifier

Reason for listing: Haier water purifiers are similar to Midea water purifiers and belong to cross-industry operations. However, unlike the United States, Haier Water Purifier did not cooperate with professional water purifier brands. Haier fully relies on its strong strength and resource advantages to make its products have a place in the market. In recent years, products have become more and more accepted by the market. Haier water purifier is a brand that is generally favored by the public.

3M water purifier

Reason for listing: 3M was founded in the United States in 1902. 3M spans multiple industries such as industry, medical, food, and drinking water. The drinking water industry alone covers multiple fields such as drinking water treatment, electrical appliance water treatment, and household water purification. The technical advantages of water heaters are not large, so that 3M can only produce whole house water purifiers with a filtration accuracy of only 0.5 microns. In addition, 3M is sold through the Internet, there is no special store offline, making its after-sales service relatively lagging behind.

Dalton Water Purifier

Reason for listing: Dalton water purifier has always been known for its high-end atmospheric grade. It is known as the royal water purifier. Its ceramic filter element once became the standard of the world's water purifier filter element. Although ceramic filter cartridges are now lagging behind in general, the Dalton brand water purifier still maintains far-reaching influence.

Lisheng water purifier

Reason for listing: Lisheng water purifier was established in 1992, is the earliest batch of water purifier brand, has a high authority in the world ultrafiltration membrane field, is the earliest water purifier product to go abroad, built in Hainan The world's largest ultrafiltration membrane is basic, with stable product quality and good reputation. The disadvantage is that there are not many product lines. Too much focus on the ultrafiltration membrane field, there is obviously no advantage in reverse osmosis pure water machine. The infiltration model can be perfectly purified.

Xiaomi Water Purifier

Reason for listing: It is said that Xiaomi water purifier is Lei Jun's new "toy". I have to say that the word "toy" describes Xiaomi water purifier as appropriate. Xiaomi focuses on mobile phones, and sees that the situation of water purifiers is good, and launches water purifier products. With a unique marketing method, although Xiaomi water purifiers are very single products, only two water purifier products that are not too technically sophisticated have captured wide and large rice. Loyal fans' hearts, so barely squeezed into the latest ranking of the top ten water purifiers.

Paragon Water Purifier

Reason for listing: Bainuoken is a leading brand of water purifiers in the United States. After entering China in 2002, its water purifiers have a certain reputation in China due to their excellent quality. Paragon is an imported brand on the surface, but in fact the technology and products have been localized, and its production and assembly are also completed in China. Because of its high price, it is difficult to accept, and it is difficult to operate in China's second-tier and below-tier cities.

The list of the top ten brands is definitely not a bad name. Either the quality is good, the service is good, or the brand reputation is good, each has its own strength, whether it is hardware or software, there is no best but better. The top ten brands are worth referring to whether they are joining or buying.

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As a consumer, you will ask: Which brand of water purifier is good, which brand of water purifier is affordable and safe, and which brand of water purifier is better? As an agent, you will ask: Which water purifier brand has high profit now, which water purifier brand is well supported, and which water purifier brand is easier to market Whether it is a water purifier consumer or a water purifier agent dealer, 90% will choose the top ten water purifier brands!

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