Amazfit X shoots a curved smart watch on the wrist.

Gillian 2021-12-06


Today, smart watches seem to be outdated and can not imitate the appearance of classic timepieces, mainly because the market evades the weird appearance of the first generation of smart watches. However, Amazfit (which has nothing to do with Amazon) supported by Xiaomi is now moving in the exact opposite direction, and provides smart watches with the high-tech yet stylish look they deserve. Amazfit X looks like a wristband, but it is expected to work like a smart watch, but may not work like other smart watches.

It needs to be clear that this is neither a flexible smartwatch like Nubia alpha nor the first wearable device with a curved screen. Samsung has been doing these things since the Gear Fit tracker and a separate Gear S smartwatch came out, but the 92-degree curve of Amazfit X is thought to fit people's wrists better than puns.

The advertising size of the curved screen is also larger than that of traditional smart watches, which is 2.07 inches. Of course, this is because the screen is longer, but also narrower than most smart watches. Amazfit explained that it can display more content without scrolling, but it also means that it can accommodate less content at the beginning to fit the screen width.

Amazfit X also has other technologies, such as abandoning the physical buttons on the side of the metal frame to form an invisible touch-sensitive surface. However, although smart watches have basic functions, they do not appear in modern smart watch functions (such as NFC or even independent LTE connections).

Amazfit, which has previously launched other smart watches, is using the strange way of selling Amazfit X on Indiegogo, further diluting the purpose of the crowdfunding platform. Early discounts can make beautiful smart watches attractive, but users should note how smart watches will become their own islands and are not compatible with any major smart watch platforms and applications on the market today.

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