AmaWaterways launched the theme of the upcoming webinar

Susan 2021-12-09

AmaWaterways launched the theme of the upcoming webinar

Toronto-AmaWaterways announced its popular webinar . The theme will be part of the latest Wednesday series. .

The one-hour meeting, co-chaired by AmaWaterways executives and special guests from the travel industry, will provide timely information, marketing and sales skills, and insight into the river, while consultants will need to expand the business of individual tour groups and groups.

The webinar was originally planned to be once a month, but due to current demand, AmaWaterways has changed it to once a week and improved the ability of participants in each meeting.

The meeting scheduled for April 29, 2020 at 1:30 pm Eastern Time will focus on "developing the group's business during this time." During this webinar, participants will get in-depth information on how to organize, nurture and develop business in this area.

The conference will also show consultants new and existing sales and marketing tools, including tips on how to host a virtual cruise night.

The meeting was chaired by co-founder and executive vice president Kristen Custer. Sales co-owner and senior vice president Gary Murphy; video sales president Alex Pinelo; and a special invitation from members of the AmaWaterways Group and Dream Vacations Margaret Miner, Dream Vacations is an industry veteran and production team expert.

On May 6, 2020, at 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, the cruise manager will focus on "Advancing: Cruise Manager Visitor Experience Guide-Part 2". The brand ’s cruise manager is known for his dedication and will share insider tips on how to create magical moments and lasting memories for customers. In addition, the travel consultant will learn all the information they have always wanted to know about the expansion of the land before and after sailing on the river.

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