Westside Gunn is committed to making Balenciaga coats fashionable.

Beatrice 2021-12-09

Westside Gunn is committed to making Balenciaga coats fashionable.

The teenager has platinum teeth and works with Virgil Abloh. At this year's Paris Men's Fashion Week, in the underground shopping mall, Westside Gunn's rough s suddenly disappeared among the speakers, thinking of the walk-in serenade Off-White's fall 2020 fashion show. If the song "Perfect Plex" is a canvas, it can be displayed in the Louvre Museum with a short walk. Forget about Mona Lisa, because children can see her smile on Off-White hoodies anyway. What Paris really needs is to wear a FlyGod oil painting in a Prada suit in suede, walk out of the G-Wagon, and then whip the opp with a Mac-11 pistol. This is an artwork created by Westside Gunn.

"That Balenciaga jacket, the cover of that album is a statement. This photo is a work of art itself, which is why it is still on Times Square to this day." Gunn recalled on the phone that he was at his best. Clothes worn on the cover of some idol albums, such as Hitler Pace Hermes No. 7 and supreme style. "Let me order a pair of Fendi stockings and put them all on my face as if I wanted to grab some shit. This is just my artist. I want to keep my image, but I want to be with the public different."

From that moment, Gunn began to show his toes in Nike Air Mags, and posted his shooter on the "Mr. White" Off-White boots. T, "Obviously, Gunn's style will never shrink. Although Gunn is a product of the 1990s, he will never let his youth trend overwhelm his taste." I always wanted to lead everyone through 10 steps. Just like my whole life. Gunn, 37, said he remembers a high school student waving a Nautica Challenge spring jacket and paired Wallabes dyeing in the late 1990s.

Today, you will capture Gunn rock Balenciaga sneakers in an unreleased color combination or an off-white trench coat that has not yet been provided. In the latest project "Pray for Paris", Gunn made it clear that he was not a rapper who subverted the fashion world. Instead, the industry is moving towards him. That is whether Virgil Abloh invited him to sit in the front row of the Louis Vuitton fashion show; or Charaf Tajer blessed him with a suitcase full of Casablanca and the brand's first pair of New Balance 327. Unexpectedly, even when Gann made this coat into one of the most fashionable winter clothes last season, Balenciaga never shocked him.

Gunn said: "When it comes to this fashion world, I think a lot of people are with me." "They like my fashion style. They like my ideas. They like the way I like to walk in the forefront. I can. Any Brands bring many benefits, even if they are not my own. "

We had a telephone conversation with Westside Gunn to discuss how he designed his style, his early dream of entering fashion school, how to get his first pair of grills and so on.

"Pray for Paris" is closely related to your outstanding performance at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. What prompted you to go to Paris, have you ever participated in a fashion show?

Virgil defeated me personally. He just wanted me to stay there, I think it was an honor. This is an honor. Before that, I didn't even have a passport. I have never left this country and have nothing. I am addicted to fashion, so this is a glorious person. When I go out, it ’s crazy to sit in the front row of all these shows and get all the love. I will never forget it, man. My inspiration is so great that I just want to do this project. That was my first time participating in fashion week. It turns out so.

No designer?

Yes, I am not a designer. I have been flying all my life. Once a record-breaking transaction is obtained and it becomes possible to purchase it, many people will become flies. But to be honest, I have been a designer for the past 20 years. Like that's what I did. Even if people do n’t even wear designers, I wear designers. I had Versace glasses, Gucci, Iceberg, etc. in the 98s.

How do you pack this trip? How do you usually wear clothing, what do you think is the most important part in general?

I like being with the latest man. If I go all out and wear new clothes, you all know that this is brand new, and probably no one has put it there yet. Otherwise, it will be a real relaxing and leisure time. Not in the middle. You will either go all out or shudder. For me, the cool outfit is Palm Angels sportswear or Off-White or Heron Preston paint designer hoodies. But I can also go with the best of them, man. Throw their battle, do you know what I'm talking about? Honestly, it depends on their occasion. But actually, every time I travel, I make sure there is at least one flying object, because you never know. I also shop between cities. Therefore, if I do not go shopping to the urban area, it is rare.

In addition to the Off-White show and the Louis Vuitton show, what is your favorite show at Paris Fashion Week?

Honestly, Casablanca. Charaf's entire collection is great. In fact, this is my favorite collection. Also, my guy KidSuper. I actually wore a KidSuper jacket on Jimmy Fallon. This is like the original behavior, so I just need to own it. I called KidSuper at 2:30 in the morning and he met me in the showroom. He should n’t even be there, but I have an idea. When I first saw the jacket, I had to pick it up-I didn't even know that I was going to wear Jimmy Fallon. It's just that I have to wear that coat. It was one thing after another, and this is what I ended up wearing for Jimmy Fallon.

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