Free travel in Japan

Victoria 2021-12-09

Free travel in Japan

Can you say Hi?HiSay hi to Robot please!!Today is day 7 for this trip and it is raining right now.Today we will go to Hiroshima and Kobe.We are in front of Miyajima station.and we are going to the Miyajima island.Follow the sign then walk down to archway.We are going to take a ferry!!From the pier, you have to turn right.You will see Miyajima bay.Walk along this way and we will see the temple and also the great Torii.There are lot of deer in island.In 300-400 meters, we will get the temple.If I remember correctly, the sea will get tide in late noon.Then, we can walk to the great Torii.However, we come here around 10AM, so we can't walk to the great Torii.How much is it?300Y per person.

Currently, we are walking to the market. It locates opposite of the temple.Do you want to eat oyster?This is red bean flavor.This is custard.It is crispy outside and tender inside.It is good.It looks yummy.How was it?It is very good.If you want to try sea eel bowl, this restaurant locates the opposite of Miyajima station.If you come from the pier, just walk straight. It is close to the archway to the station.We are in Hiroshima Peace Memorial museum.There are lots of students today.We are walking to Atomic bomb dome.Follow me.Hiroshima's people have divided to two group.First group want to keep this building and another group want to destroy.Finally, the building has not been destroyed.Inside the building, you will see there is a iron stick to drag a building.I think it may destroy if there is nothing to drag it.We are in Akashi kaikyo bridge in Kobe.It is very easy to come here!! Just take kobe line train and take off at Maiko station.We are in Shinnagata with Testsujin No.28Say hi!!HiSay hi to the robotTalk with him!!

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