Have an unforgettable Valentine's night


Have an unforgettable Valentine's night

Does this feel deja vu?

Yes, this is the bottle of lubricant placed behind Hong Kong Star Gillian when we were discussing the Edison Chen incident a while ago. Maybe everyone was thinking, "do they have any sexual hobbies?

" and equated the lubricant with erotic. But from the professional perspective of a personal pharmacist, it has nothing to do with eroticism.

Using lubricating fluid is actually a very normal thing. There is nothing wrong.Lubricant(潤滑劑) LubricantIt is just like using artificial tears when there is insufficient tear secretion. Sometimes it is inevitable that the body does not cooperate when it wants to have sex, and the fluid in the vagina becomes less. At this time, it can be used, just to assist our usual physiological activities. Oriental people always hide when talking about sex. Even if they are right, they will be stigmatized. In fact, the structure of the human body is very wonderful.

The dryness of women's vagina is often caused by stress, fatigue or menstruation. These modern women often happen, especially in menopause, when there are not enough hormones,

it is even worse. Menopausal women's vagina is too dry and sometimes have sex once, It hurts for a week. It's uncomfortable to sit and stand. In fact, the secretion of body fluids is related to hormones, but some people have to do a lot of foreplay to secrete, while others secrete quickly. The role of lubricating fluid is just auxiliary sex.

In fact, modern times are very different from the past. Modern times are an era of equal rights for men and women. Men should be considerate of women. When having sex, don't just care about their feelings and ignore women's feelings. Women should also be brave to express their feelings. Don't hurt but refrain from speaking. Especially in modern society, women are not only under great pressure and heavy workload, but also have to take care of children when they go home after work. Therefore, they are often followed by fatigue. Therefore, if lubricant can be used to help, I believe it can make the relationship between husband and wife happier and harmonious!

Endless work, crowded buses, MRT, annoying colleagues, troublesome supervisors... Ol, how long have you not had sex or enjoyed the pleasure of sex? In a lecture for pink collar people, artist Tao Jingying said surprisingly, "women, you should enjoy the" Apple light "after the orgasm. No matter how expensive and many skin care products are, they can't show the comfort, pleasure and natural ruddy beauty.". Without happy marriage and considerate sex, women will really regret for a lifetime. If you feel uncomfortable or painful in the process, you must clearly express it. please remember that this is definitely not an unspeakable thing!

If you have allergic symptoms, please consult your doctor immediately! This is a correct and responsible statement. There is nothing in the world that no one is allergic to. Therefore, although it is a very safe and widely used product, we should remind you!

It is a transparent, odorless and tasteless gel like liquid with a certain viscosity, which has the effect of maintaining lubrication.

You can simply wash it with clean water without residue. It's easy and reassuring to clean it. Even if you only wipe it with toilet paper, it's easy to wipe it. It won't be oily like Vaseline or baby oil. It's also very difficult to clean it. The following photos are only wiped with toilet paper. There's no feeling of greasy and uncomfortable after wiping! It's like applying a pile of jelly on the abdomen when taking an abdominal ultrasound, and finally wiping it off with toilet paper. There's no need to wash it.

In particular, condoms are often used in order to prevent contraception or disease infection.