Analysis of the current situation and prospects of degradable tableware, disposable tableware why not.

Silverdew 2020-03-22

Analysis of the current situation and prospects of degradable tableware, disposable tableware why not.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the use of disposable tableware such as paper, wood chips, corn starch and biodegradable plastic, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to self-degradable household items, however, it has been found that due to disposable chopsticks and other wooden tableware in the use of the process of causing waste of resources, as well as other biodegradable tableware is not yet popular, on the contrary, the recycling value of crystal tableware is very high, the following we analyze the current situation and prospects of biodegradable tableware.

At present, disposable biodegradable tableware has the problem of bamboo teaspoon low practicality, high production cost, and tableware as a service tableware waterproof, acid-resistant, oil and other performance is its basic requirements, but straw and corn starch itself is poor waterproof, strength is also low, in order to improve the performance must be added additives, these additives should also meet the requirements of food grade, the cost rises, even so, in the waterproof impermeability and other aspects still have a shortage, usually not too long to use will be damaged.

However, the cost of biodegradable plastic is high, and it is still in the stage of research and development test, its degradation conditions are harsh, and if it needs to be photosensitized and degraded under sunlight, it is inconvenient to use and handle as disposable tableware. Therefore, at present, the existence of disposable crystal dinner plates which are convenient to recycle and equally environmentally friendly is reasonable, and it is undeniable that biodegradable materials will be optimized and improved gradually in the future, and after solving the problems of using demand and cost, it will become the mainstream trend of daily life, and we expect these products can change the environment and life.