Microfluidics ODM

Microfluidics Helps Miniaturize Laboratory Processes into One Chip

Microfluidics ODMs have micro-channels that are molded to be extremely thin. Fluids can be passed through these channels and connected to diagnostic d...

Christy 22 May 14,2021 Read...
Darcy/ May 09,2020

Skokie will promote 3D technology Development-19 Face Mask

All masks can be cleaned and reused.Chad Mirkin, chairman of Azul 3-D s board of...

SANDRA/ May 14,2020

Danny Kentgen will hang up

but this did not happen, so I decided to suspend it. News reference: https://ww...

Greta/ May 04,2020

Japan's SMFG and SBI will cooperate in digital banking

Financial groups also believe that co-owning capital is a way to deepen ties.Sub...

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Four steps to narrow down your research topic
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Four steps to narrow down your research topic

Each of these questions is a step that willhelp you narrow your research topic.L...

Heisener PMIC Converters
Doris/Apr 20,2020

Heisener PMIC Converters

TLE9832QVXUMA2 Part Number: TLE9832QVXUMA2. Embedded - Microcontrollers - Applic...

And great technology games
Jamie/May 08,2020

And great technology games

Amalina Anuar is a research analyst at the Multilateralism Research Center of S ...